1 Peter 5:8-9a “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith…”

Have you ever really thought about...Whispers? I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering A) how a blogger could run out of interesting blog ideas already and B) why you’re still reading this particular one. But please hear me out. If you can. (See what I did there? That was a bad whisper joke.)

Most times, whispers are a good thing. Teachers prefer them. Librarians love them. I give them five stars myself, if only my 7-year-old would learn how they work (“MOM, DID YOU SEE THAT LADY’S HAIR??”). But sometimes, whispers are not so great. For example, if I had a two-ton piano hurling at my head, I would rather not have someone whisper, “look out”. I never want to learn how to be a lion tamer or run a wood chipper if the instructor just whispers the do’s and don’ts. And whispers are especially dangerous...when they’re used by the enemy.

I’ve been doing this crazy blogging thing for awhile now, and I said I will keep doing it as long as God can use me. If there is one person out there that God needs to speak to, and He needs to use this blog to do it, then I will gladly do the typing for Him! But some days, like today, the devil will try to rain some doubt on my Jesus parade. Earlier today, as thoughts were bouncing around in my brain like a kindergarten class on party day (that’s how my brain usually works), I remembered I hadn’t written a blog in awhile. “Oh yeah,” I thought, “I need to sit down and write that blog I’ve been thinking about.”

You’re such a hypocrite.

Whoa. Where did that come from? It was just a whisper that came out of nowhere. Anyway, I continued with my thoughts:

“So, if I can type it out this afternoon, I can have it posted by the end of the day…”

Why would anyone want to read it? The devil whispered to me.

“People do want to read it, because it comes from God, and He’s using me to help people…”

You’re such a phony. You sit there and do and say things that don’t honor God, but then you have the nerve to write about Him like you know everything. Everyone sees right through you. People are judging you because you write about being so Godly, but they know who you really are. They won’t take anything you write seriously, and you are not Godly enough to give people advice, so why are you bothering to write it at all?

Each whisper of the enemy chipped away at my heart and cast doubt in my mind. I could have easily let him win and abandoned a “ridiculous” mission. And I’m sad to say, a lot of times I do just that. I lose faith in not just myself, but the God who created me for such a time as this. I believe the lies that I’m too damaged to be used by God, or that I’m not worthy of His love. But I believe I’m in good company. The bible is filled with people who could’ve let the whispers turn to a driving wind that blew away their mission and purpose like dust. Moses, Mary, David, and countless others who had doubts, but cast them aside to be used by God instead of the devil.

So today, I pushed away the whispers and replaced them with prayers. “God, please let me open my heart and mind to be used by You. If there is someone who needs to hear your words, please speak through me so that You can reach them and let them know they’re not alone. Thank you for loving me and calling me your child.” And I sat down and wrote that blog. And another one. And another one. And after posting the first one, I received a text from a sweet friend that I admire, and she thanked me for guess what--letting God speak through me.

Friends, a single drop of water doesn’t do much, but a constant drip can wear away at a stone wall. In the same way, the devil can use constant little whispers of doubt to wear away at our resolve until we don’t believe in our purpose anymore. But we have the Power in Christ to overcome the doubt. Let every whisper fall on deaf ears. Answer every single one with the Truth: You are chosen by God, you are protected by the blood of Jesus, and you are here for a reason. And then rise up as a child of the King and do what He has called you to do. You already have the victory, so what do you have to lose?

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