Pruning the Weeds

“He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.” John 15:2

My son proudly displays our “garden” to every visitor who comes by. “Do you want to see our plants??” he exclaims. And my first reaction is to cringe. See, our amazing “garden” he’s so proud of is actually a few rows of timid vegetable plants, striving to survive amongst a plot of weeds, grass, and who-knows-what else.      I had grand intentions; my boy and I diligently worked all day one day clearing out the jungle so we could plant our magnificent garden. I pictured plots of freshly-tilled soil, with beautiful, healthy green plants springing up. My son and I would bond over harvesting our bounty each day, me holding numerous veggies in my imagined apron, probably while spinning and singing a chorus of “the Sound of Music” or something similar. But then reality came crashing in, as it is fond of doing. Each morning, we brave our wanna-be garden, pulling thousands of intruding grass and weeds that spring up by the second. My dream of freshly-tilled soil became “just pull the weeds right next to the plants and pray the veggies are fighters!” My real embarrassment came the day my sweet son invited our super-gardener-mega-green-thumb neighbors over to see our garden. Their garden looks like a snapshot of Eden, and here he is, leading them through our hot mess, the proud tour guide: “here is some squash, a frog ‘squashed’ some of it though, and here is jalapeño, maybe, it might be a weed but we’re gonna let it grow and see...”      It was in the moment of my embarrassment that it hit me: my life is just like my garden. I try my best to make it as perfect as I think it should be, and in the first days, I do a pretty decent job. Dreams of how great it will be dance in my head as I diligently water and prune the areas I should. But as the days go by, and the weeds keep springing up, somehow the care gets away from me and the disappointment sets in. This is not how I pictured it. There are too many weeds springing up, I can’t keep up. Why doesn’t it look as good as my neighbor’s? With perfection out of the picture, I weakly fight to just survive, or even give up completely.      And then there’s my son. My sweet boy with innocence in his heart. He sees through the eyes of Jesus, so he still sees the wonder of the garden! He doesn’t see the invasion of weeds, he sees the good stuff. He’s so proud of how much they’ve grown! And every morning he starts with “Boy, those weeds grow fast—let’s start pulling!”      Oh, that I would have a heart full of hope and the eyes of Jesus, so I could see my life the way He sees it. Not to focus on the failures and messes, but to be encouraged by how much I’ve grown. To have the daily drive to be diligent and not give up. To know that the garden of my life is exactly what God wants it to be, and even better— He wants to work alongside me to grow it.      Because the reality is, pulling those weeds every day has given me irreplaceable time with my child, and a chance to teach (and learn) life lessons, both of which are most important. And guess what? Weeds or no, my boy has it right. Our garden isn’t perfect, but rest assured, in a few weeks, we will still be picking veggies, regardless of what grows around them. Jesus can grow fruit (or veggies) in spite of the condition of our garden. We need only trust Him to do it. #aworkinprogress #hesnotfinishedwithmeyet #sccblog

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