Jesus Bubble

Ephesians 6:10-11

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.

I once heard a joke I could really relate to. It said something like, “Dear Lord, I have been really good so far today. I haven’t cussed or lied or or gossiped or argued with anyone or called anyone names….but I’m gonna have to get out of bed in a minute, and I’m really gonna need Your help!”

Well, I just ended a much-needed vacation, where I was safely tucked in what I like to call my “Jesus Bubble”. I spent time with family, finished a couple of bible studies, experienced different worship services, and had regular morning meditation time in my backyard with God. I spent the time happier, more relaxed, and let’s face it, pretty proud of myself for my Christ-centered mindset. I must say, I’m feeling pretty spiritual, people! Yep, it’s pretty easy to immerse yourself in waves of Holiness when you’re the only one in the pool!

But here’s the thing....eventually I’m going to have to take my Jesus Bubble out and bounce around in the world-at-large. And every time I do, it doesn’t take long at all for it to POP! I would like to say I bounce all over my life, spreading sunshine and love. But honestly, I know me, and I know that I tend to let the littlest things burst my Bubble.

~I may start out with good intentions (Dear God, please speak through me today…) and yet one miscommunication with my husband and--POP!

~ I may shoot for harmony with my coworkers (Lord, please help me to have my eyes fixed on You today…) and yet one comment that I take way too personally and--POP!

* I may strive to be Mother of the Year (Abba Father, please give me patience today…) and yet one spilled milk on the carpet after an already-stressful day and--POP!

See, a bubble is a very fragile thing. Like when my son plays with the suds in the tub. I watch him slowly and carefully catch a bubble in his little hands, holding it tenderly with satisfaction on his face. But then he can’t keep still very long, and he begins blowing on it, moving it from hand to hand, and--POP!

That’s why bubbles are not the chosen vessel for things that are intended to withstand pressure. They don’t stand up very long to the stresses put against them before they break. Banks don’t store money in bubbles. The White House isn’t surrounded by bubbles. Military personnel don’t wear bubbles on their heads. And the Bible doesn’t devote a chapter to putting on the Full Bubble of God! We need more than a soap sud to protect us from this fallen world, and we can find what we need in Ephesians chapter 6. The belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, sandals of peace, shield of faith, helmet of salvation, and the only offensive weapon: the sword of the Spirit, which is God’s Word. All of my effort in staying closer to God through daily prayer, bible study, and meditation is a valiant effort, but if I don’t really concentrate on applying it to my daily life, then it all is just as flimsy as a bubble, sure to POP with the first touch of resistance.

I joke around about my Jesus Bubble, but my honest and vulnerable prayer is that when I go back to the stresses of the world, I will be strong enough to stay Christ-centered and not cave at the first bump from the enemy. In my mind, the real test of my relationship with God doesn’t come in the form of how many bible verses I’ve learned or how “churchy” I am, but rather how I use that knowledge and service in my daily interaction with the messiness of real life. Bubbles are pretty, but armor is real. So what do I want my protection to be: pretty...or real?

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