As the Bible Turns

Phil. 4:19 And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus.

The story of Jacob in the Bible has all the twists and turns of a good soap opera (not that I have time to watch soap operas, but still). I just learned more about him in my Bible study, and man, what an adventure! He stole his brother’s birthright, wrestled with God in the wilderness, and fathered enough sons to eventually populate a nation. Whew! But my aha moment was found today in his crazy love story, or as I like to call it, “Jacob Gets Bamboozled.”

It all begins in Genesis 29, and it’s a long, twisted tale, so I’ll give you the gist and you can get the details on your own (please do!). Jacob meets Rachel, and cue the strings, hit the spotlights, because Jacob falls in love with her at first sight! Long story short, Jacob makes a deal with her father, Laban, but gets tricked and ends up with 14 years of hard labor and an unwanted, homely wife named Leah (Rachel’s sister) before he gets to marry Rachel. It goes on from there, with most of Jacob’s many children being born to--guess who--the burdensome LEAH. Perfect Rachel gets bragging rights to only 2 of Jacob’s 12 sons when it’s all said and done. Cue the dramatic organ!

Ready for the aha moment? Here’s what I discovered: if we trace back the lineage of Jesus, our Savior of all mankind, who would it be traced through? Problem Leah or Perfect Rachel? Our salvation was actually born through the lineage of Leah. Laban’s afterthought, Jacob’s burden, and God’s perfect plan. It hit me that if God had allowed Jacob’s plan to succeed over His own, Jacob would have had Rachel from the beginning, and we would be doomed for eternity with no no Jesus. God’s Perfect Choice wasn’t Jacob's “perfect choice”, but God gave Jacob what he needed, what WE ultimately needed, not just the desires of Jacob’s heart (although God eventually gave him that too, and it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be). How many times have I been upset when things didn’t turn out my way, when in fact, I had gotten what I needed from God at the time? Why can’t I trust God’s plan instead of pouting like a child (I’m talking about me, here, I don’t know if you’re a pouter or not) when I don’t get my way?

Praise God that He is in control of every situation, and although it looks to me like my life is not going the way it should, God knows best, and He will always give me exactly what I need. No drama required!

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